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Sweden, South, Lisette Akesson

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Datum: 18 december 2020

Dear Radio Monique-Team,

My name is Lisette Akesson and I am one of the few women that enjoy the traditional radiowaves of AM that my Dad taught me many years ago when I was a child and we listened to stations like Radio Caroline and Radio London. It still feels like travelling like it did in the old days!

I was so happy and proud to have caught Your signal and good music the other day from here in southern Zweden on 918 kHz. I heard a signal with good music and after investigating I found out that it was in fact Your station coming in on the AM antenna Loop here in southern Zweden! What a nice station! Just love your music!

In these difficult days with the virus spreading all over the planet, the world has become a lot larger, and picking up distant AM-signals like Yours feels like being present and part of the world during restrictions and lockdowns. I was so happy so I simply had to write a few lines.

My apologies if I bother, but I would be very grateful if You could confirm the reception with a few words in reply lilke “reception verified”, and I enclose an mp3 clip that contain a few seconds of reception of your station with an id, and I imagine that Your music format play an important role, bringing a lot of joy in these tough times.

This place is a village on the westcoast in southern Zweden called Bjarred. We live by the sea and of the sea. I enclose a file with a couple of pictures so that You can see what it looks like here, as well as some of the equipment.

Thank You for putting such a nice station on the air with a lot of nice music!

The very best wishes from southern Zweden, and once again thank You for taking the time to reply! Please stay safe, and MERRY HOLIDAYS!

Ms. Lisette Akesson, Bjarred – Sweden