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Now on air


Germany, Braunschweig, Erik Kugland

Evenement info
Datum: 25 november 2020

Dear friends,


I just wan’t to inform you that I heard your station on 918 kHz on

Tuesday, 24th November 2020 from 22.40 until 23.15 hrs Central European


The signal was weak but since there was no interference the overall

reception quality was in the peak periods quite good. I heard serveral

annoucements with station identification in dutch, french and spanish.

By the way the announcements in French and Spanish were a little bit

hard to understand. Sounded a bit dull (c.f. attached audio file). In

the period I heard among others music from Leo Sayer (When I need you),

Smokie (Living next door to Alice), Hot Choclate (So you win again) and

You take my breath away.

I heard you downtown Brunsvig/Braunschweig in the very east of Lower

Saxony. My receiver is a Sony ICF SW55 with an inductive coupled FSL

antenna (a package of 30 ferrit rods in a sewage pipe, see attached foto).


Kind regards


Erik Kugland