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Finland, Paltamo, Hannu Romppainen

Evenement info
Datum: 29 november 2020

Dear Sir,

I had a great pleasure of listening to Radio Monique broadcasting on 918 kilohertz in the 326 meters mediumwave band on Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 20.49 – 21.25 UTC/GMT.

Receiver: JRC NRD535 HF communications receiver

Antenna: 400 meters long copperwire outdoor antenna to North America

SINPO: 3 4 4 2 2

Remarks on reception conditions: The signal strength was fair here in Finland. Fading made listening not so enjoyable. I wonder, what was the transmitter power? Anyway, it was nice hear oldies pop and rock music from the Netherlands on 918 kHz. Luckily many powerful European radio stations have left the MW band in the last years.

So, it is possible to catch stations like Radio Monique even up in the North.

Interfering stations: slight interference from China Radio on 918 kHz for few minutes.

Details of your program (All times UTC/GMT):

20.49 UTC Dutch pop music, male sang with piano

20.52 UTC Short station jingle “Monique”

20.52 UTC Rock music, Bryan Adams “Heaven”

20.56 UTC Dutch pop music

21.00 UTC Pop music from the 1980’s, Black “It’s a Wonderful Life”

21.04 UTC Dutch pop music, male sang about Jungen

21.07 UTC Station identification: “Radio Monique”

21.08 UTC Pop music, Pat Benatar “Love is a Battlefield”

21.13 UTC Pop music of the 1980’s, male singing

21.19 UTC Station identification in Dutch: “Radio Monique op de Nordsee…internet Radio Monique…”

21.19 UTC Pop music from the 1980’s with reggae style

21.23 UTC Pop music from the 1950’s or 1960’s with Country style

21.25 UTC Station jingle: “Radio Monique”

21.25 UTC More of the nostalgic pop music was played

I hope you could confirm my report of reception with your station QSL-email that I have, in fact, heard Radio Monique on 918 KHz here in Finland, please. Thank you very much. All your time and trouble is highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Hannu Romppainen