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Finland, Jakobstad, Per Ole Stenman

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Datum: 13 december 2020

Ik luister naar dit station hier in Finland.

Hoor je het opgenomen signaal.

Ik zou graag uw bevestiging ontvangen dat ik naar Radio Monique 918 AM luister, in Jakobstad, Finland.

You got a new listener friend! I have a nice surprize; Wow!  On DECEMBER 13th 2020 at 0300 UTC, I was able to pick up the signal on 918 AM.

I can hear a station identification just before the news ”Radio Monique..” and news ”Frank .. Demostranten.. Die Polizi” and then of course a lot of good music.  Later on in the morning I noted Radio T-Pot hear, but these songs would originate from Radio Monique:

0305 UTC ”Say Hello – Wave goodbye”

0310 ”Blanket on the Ground”

0321 ”So Far Away”

0330 ”Part Time Lover”

0332 ”Alphabet St”

0340 ”Tears in Heaven”

0345 ”Christmas was a Friend of Mine”

0348 ”Rock Your Baby”

0357 ”Christmas Time”

This is the first time I hear this signal, I have been trying one week, but reception conditions have not been good before now.

I try to send you an mp3-recording of what I heard at 0300 UTC. When you listen carefully to the recording, I think you are able to distinguish your announcement. I would very much appreciate your confirmation of this signal. I am really happy I could catch this signal, using a sensitive communications receiver and an efficient long wire antenna!

Thank You again for this fine moment in my life!

Per-Ole Stenman