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Finland, Espoo, Jim Solatie

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Date: 22 november 2020

> Radio Monique


> Beste vrienden,


> Ik schrijf jullie om te laten weten dat ik jullie programma heb

> ontvangen in Finland op 22.11.2020 bij 13.00 – 13.30 uur lokale tijd

> op de frequentie van 918 kHz. Dit was mogelijk omdat de ionosfeer soms

> signalen terug kan reflecteren naar de aarde als een spiegel.

> Bijgesloten vinden jullie een korte opname, klik op de link en luister

> naar wat ik gehoord heb!


> Ik zou het fijn vinden als jullie zouden kunnen controleren of ik het

> goed heb gehoord en of dit signaal oorspronkelijk uit jullie

> toren/mast afkomstig was. Ik ben 50 jaar oud en heb deze hobby vanaf

> mijn 35e. Ik heb deze ontvangstbevestiging nu al uit 225 landen (FM:

> 45 landen). Ik wens jullie het beste en hoop dat jullie transmissie

> zelfs nog verder dan Finland te horen zal zijn!


> I am sorry my Dutch is not so good, so I hope you don’t mind if I

> continue my letter in English. Thank you very much for your programme.

> It was a great pleasure to listen to Radio Monique on 918 kHz here in

> Finland!


> I am 50 years old, married, a father of two lovely & lively kids and

> working with a marketing research company as a managing director. My

> favourite hobbies are sports and listening to foreign radio stations

> (DX-listening).


> I work with leading media companies in Northern Europe, including

> online media, print, tv and radio. Thus I find it extremely

> interesting to tune into foreign radio stations. Actually radio is

> both professionally and personally my most favourite media, the one I

> spend most of my time with. Radio simply reaches you everywhere, is

> very useful and is so much fun to listen to.


> I received your station as follows:


> Date of reception: The 22nd November 2020


> Time: 13.00 – 13.30 Dutch time


> Frequency: 918 kHz


> Receiver: Perseus


> Antenna: 550-meter longwire antenna directed to the Netherlands (240

> degrees)


> Location: Bromarv, some 140 km west of Helsinki


> Program details:


> On the enclosed audiofile I have recorded your program at 13.00 hours

> with a nice station identification “Your favourite Radio Monique on

> 918″, and again at 13.14 hours with more station identifications. The

> other station on the frequency was Radio T-Pot.


> It was fantastic to hear your signal so far away and I hope the

> recording is of interest. I hope you enjoy listening to the audioclip

> as much as I did enjoy hearing your station!


> Here in Espoo we have a local radio listeners club, Espoon

> DX-Kuuntelijat. We are some 20 active members, meeting once a month

> and having listening trips around Finland. With other DX-clubs in

> Finland we publish ‘Radio World’ -magazine. If you will visit Finland

> and Espoo one day, please visit our club, too. You are most welcome!


> I would appreciate very much if you verified that I heard your

> station. It would be very nice to receive a verification letter, card

> or e-mail from you, simply saying that I really heard your station.

> Many thanks already in advance.


> Thank you very much for your program. I hope to hear your station in

> the future, too.


> With very best wishes,


> Jim Solatie



> Tontunmäentie 41 as 6


> 02200 Espoo