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Austria, Gollin, Christoph Ratzer

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Datum: 16 december 2020

Hello from Salzburg,


Great to receive Radio Monique on AM 918kHz here in Salzburg – Austria. I am 57 years old and I am working as a prepress specialist here in Salzburg – Austria, the heart of central Europe – and the city of Mozart.


I could listen today, December 16, 2020, 2019 around 2115 UTC on 918kHz to music from Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, a nice Monique Identification and a song from Michael Jackson – please listen to that details in my short recording. To receive your station I use my receiving station with a 200 meter long wire antenna. More at my Blog:


I hope you can tell me that I really listen to your „first day“ of broadcast from Radio Monique on mediumwave 918 kHz? It would be a great honor if you can send my a very short answer by email!


Best greetings from Salzburg, Austria

Stay safe!


Christoph Ratzer



Postfach 23

5440 Golling

Austria – Europe